Our Technology

Successful Endodontic cases have improved greatly with the aid of technology. Our office is committed to implementing proven technologies into everyday treatment in an effort to maximize positive outcomes.

Zeiss Microscope | Waterfront EndodonticsZeiss Microscope

The implementation of the surgical microscope has changed Endodontic treatment forever. You can only treat what you can see, and the optics of the scope allow visualization of detail and fine structures. You will notice there is no dental lights in our operatories, because the illumination comes from within the scope itself. This coaxial illumination puts light where it is needed and effectively illuminates even into canals.

CBT Machine | Waterfront EndodonticsDigital 3D Panoramic and Cephalometric Imaging (CBCT)

Exceptional clarity with low exposure. Through advanced engineering the intensity of the x-rays has been optimized which decreases the overall level of emissions. Dosage has been reduced 30% to 40% on all three-dimensional fields of view. Our machine only takes a limited field of view which also help with lowered emissions. This tool aids in diagnosis and treatment and will be implemented when necessary.

Digital X-rays

Radiation exposure is always a concern to patients. Our digital x-rays emit 80% to 90% less radiation than traditional film x-rays, and the results aid Dr. Chapman in diagnosing and treating your specific tooth. Digital also is manipulative, meaning we can zoom, contrast, measure and share images instantly. This is helpful in communicating and educating the patient as well as your general dentist.

We have a lot of other tools in our office that aid in diagnosis, treatment and overall comfort for each and every patient and we continue to seek out technology tools to provide the best possible outcome.

The best dentist visit I have ever had! Everybody was fabulous and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. I can't thank you all enough for everything that you have done for me and fixing my tooth!

Klickitat Patient

Dr. Chapman has the softest hands I have ever experienced. This along with his Dalai Lama-esque delivery had an extremely calming effect on me.

Hood River Patient

I will be pleased to provide a positive recommendation - you were all very professional and put me at ease (well, as much as I can be, given my dental anxiety :)).

North Bonneville Patient

Went the extra mile to squeeze me in on an emergency basis. All is well. Thanks!

Arlington Patient

A great experience overall. I was greeted by name by the front office staff. The assistant was very professional and courteous. Dr. Chapman was responsive in treating any discomfort I felt. When I left the insurance billing was explained to me and I was welcome to contact them with any questions. I received a follow-up phone call the next day to see how I was doing.

The Dalles Patient

This is the place to go - people are awesomely caring spirits - oh, the work Dr. Chapman did was superior too!!!

The Dalles Patient

One of the best dental/endodontic procedures I've ever experienced. I felt totally relaxed and as comfortable as a person undergoing dental work can be. Dr. Chapman and the entire staff were great. 10 out of 10 Rah-Rah points. Would highly recommend his service for anyone needing to have an endodontic procedure. Waterfront Endodontics rocks!

The Dalles Patient

Kudos to Dr and staff for fully explaining what was going to happen and for the follow-up. Very professional. The" what was going to happen" portion was accomplished so I would understand and the follow-up was an unexpected surprise. Taking time to call and make sure that everything was okay was very nice. Appreciate all that was done.

The Dalles Patient

Thanks for showing me the photos of the tooth, it helps to see the cause of my pain.

Oregon City Patient

Really nice doctor and staff. Very professional.

Hood River Patient

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